Alloy wheels (or “mags” as we used to call them) are becoming a popular choice for many people putting on winter tires at this time of year. It’s become a sound choice for many reasons-

Cost-  The price gap between steel wheels and alloy wheels has narrowed significantly. These days, for an extra $50 per corner, you can upgrade from a basic steel wheel to a good alloy wheel.  Why not?

Looks- Let’s face it, putting a set of black steel wheels on your car is like wearing rubber boots. Sure, they’re practical, but do you really want to look like Bubba? If you’ve got a nice car, why would you want to put on wheels that make it look like a fleet vehicle for the government? Either get some hubcaps or put on a nice-looking set of winter aluminum wheels. Face it, you’re going to be looking at them for half the year, this is Canada, after all.

Finish- Actually the finish on a set of silver alloy wheels will outlast the paint on a set of steel wheels. Steel oxidizes and that means the paint will start wearing thin in a few years. Alloy wheels don’t oxidize, and the finish is as durable as the paint on your car, so they’ll last a long, long time.

Fitment- Alloy wheels are made to tighter spec’s than steel. The fit is better. That means less chance of vibration, especially at highway speeds. In some cars (Acuras, BMW’s, for instance) we recommend alloy wheels to eliminate any problems.

So there you go- you don’t have to use plain ol’ black wheels for six months out of the year just like you don’t have to wear galoshes either.  You can keep it looking good even through the harsh conditions of winter. Bring on the winter!