This is something we’ve been working on for a while.

In an attempt to make everything as easy as possible, I present to you…

The Tire Wizard!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this fantastic little tool will revolutionize how you buy tires.
You may notice a new link on the top that says “Tires”. Once you’ve clicked that, a whole bunch of numbers and buttons show up! Don’t panic! Just select the year, then the make, and then the model of your vehicle. You will then be asked for the tire size you are looking for and, this is the best part, tires appear! (Not real ones, of course, these are just pictures).

Not only does it give you the right size, load and speed ratings, and a price, but you can also click on the name of the tire to find out more information. Features, warranty information, and even rebates are right at your fingertips!

Once you’ve decided on a tire, you select the quantity you want, and hit the “Quote” button! This will generate a printable quote for you! You can select options like lug nuts, installation, TPMS… This is automatically saved on our end too! If you lose the quote somehow, we can find it up 30 days later.

There are more features to play with as well. You can select all-season or winter tires, or narrow it down by brand.

Good luck and have fun!

Jessie The Geek

Winter Time! Oh no...

Winter Time! Oh no…

PS: I have another surprise for you! Maybe next week? We’ll see.