When you are buying steel wheels for winter tires, think beyond the wheels. There are other items you need to get. Here is a check list of other items you should be getting-

1. LUG NUTS – Steel wheels don’t require fancy chrome factory lug nuts that may cost $5 to $8 each at the dealership. These should be saved with the summer wheels and an inexpensive set of open acorn nuts used instead.

2. HUBCAPS– Putting steel wheels on a nice car is like wearing rubber boots with a suit– they’re practical, but look ugly. Hubcaps are the finishing touch on a set of winter rims and tires. We carry a good selection of high-quality hubcaps that hold up very well in winter. Moreover, they provide some protection to the wheel, preventing the lug nuts from seizing up on the studs and slowing corrosion.

3. TIRE PRESSURE- Vehicles manufactured after 2008 may have a TPMS system with sensors inside the wheels. Do you want TPMS installed on your winter set? This is optional on aftermarket wheels. If you don’t want it, buy a tire pressure gauge (about $10-15 retail) and check them periodically during the winter. Temperature fluctuations will affect your tire pressure.

4. WHEEL LOCKS– Winter tires and rims are an investment of over $1000. It makes sense to invest $29.95 to prevent theft and tampering. We distribute McGard locking lug nuts which provide the world’s best protection.

These are items you need, in addition to just the winter wheels and tires. Your winter wheels and tires are going to be on your vehicle for 5 to 6 months every year, so it is best to be fully equipped, just like the other half of the year.