Planning on getting steel wheels to use with your winter tires? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Are winter wheels hub-centric?
A: No, winter wheels are lug-centric, which means they centre with the lug nuts, not the pilot (or centre) hole of the wheel. A
larger pilot hole in the steel wheel is normal and will not affect the fitment of the wheel nor vehicle safety.

Q: Do I need hub rings with steel wheels?
A: No, the wheels will centre properly when the lug nuts are installed. Hub rings are only used with aftermarket alloy wheels.

Q: What kind of lug nuts should I use on steel wheels?
A: Open-ended conical (acorn) lug nuts are used with steel wheels. German cars (and some Hondas) use conical lug bolts. These
are inexpensive and can be bought along with your steel wheels.

Q: Do I need to install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
A: TPMS is standard on all vehicles 2008 and newer. It is optional on aftermarket wheels, including winter rims.

Q: I don’t like the look of black steel wheels. Any other options?
A: We carry a wide selection of hubcaps to cover the wheels and make them more stylish. Alloy wheels (or “mags”) are also

Q: I have chrome wheels. Should I use them in the winter?
A: Chrome wheels do not last in Canadian winters. They will pit and, after several years, the chrome will peal. Steel rims or
painted alloy wheels are recommended.